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    This is the site of Terry’s residence, as well as Time Machine Collectable’s, and Archery History.Com. Since 1951 Terry’s family have been involved in the family owned and operated Martin’s Archery located in Walla Walla, Washington.


    Time Machine Collectable’s was started in 1997 and has been providing actors with an Official Website as a tribute to their careers. The primary focus of the Official Website is to showcase the overall career of the artist which includes a biography, filmography, up coming appearances, and gallery. Autographed photos featuring shots of the actor in many roles throughout the artists career, are also offered for sale on their Official Website. These Official Website’s are in essence a partnership between our firm and the artist. What makes us unique, is that we work directly with our artists through their participation in the creation process of their Official Website. The end result is a personally tailored individual Website by the artist and our firm.

     Archery History .Com is a service provided for archers in all areas of the sport. For many years there has been lots of confusion regarding much of the history of archery. There is now a forum for archers to get accurate history as well as chat online with other archers from all over the world.

     Also included in this site are a couple of Terry’s personal passions. Italian Greyhounds and his music. We hope you enjoy the photos of the dogs, and get a chance to listen to a couple clips of music made by Terry and his friends.


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