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     My father started in the archery business when I was four years old.  I won my first tournament in the “Pee Wee Division” when I was seven years old. (What a name for a shooters class!)

I continued to shoot until I was thirteen, by then I began spending more of my spare time with my guitar, and less with my bow.  In my early twenties “Martin Archery” had become the largest manufacturer of bowstrings in the world. I was on board full time. In those years the compound bow made its debut, but the original designs were filled with trouble and made worse with bad products.

My dad and brother preferred to stay with shooting their recurves, and really wanted nothing to do with this strange problem filled bow! I was certain that the compound bows were the way of the future if only the problems could just be worked out. I began to design and patent our compound bows, so much so that it enabled us to purchase the Howatt Archery Company in Yakima Washington, which we still own today.  Howatt was know for making quality recurves, but had no experience with the compound bow, by now the compound bow was taking over 95% of the market.  After we purchased the Howatt Company we continued to manufacture recurves, even though by now all the other major bow manufacturers stopped. It has taken several years of hard work and money to be the a leader in the industry today.

 * show patents on wall photo and bow designed,( Cougar, Cougar Magnum, Firecat, Lynx, Rage, Onza, Ocelot, Dynabo, KamAct,)*

Do to the abundance of misinformation on the internet regarding the history of archery, I started,, and Where not only the pro archers could go for correct information, but the whole archery community could communicate with the entire industry. Archeryhistory and archerytalk now receive over 15 million hits a month! I never imagined that it would ever be this popular. The amazing part is that it’s archers helping archers to continue to enjoy the activity, by sharing information to enable each person to be the best archer they can be.    


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